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Social Media Trends

Feb 14, 13 Social Media Trends

Social Search Media Trends 2013

There’s no doubt that social media is going to play a crucial role in online marketing this year. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the hundreds of new social media platforms created everyday, the landscape is constantly shifting. Which social media sites will garner the most interest this year? January Google search trends offer insight.


Which social media platforms did people search for the most in January 2013?

According to Google Trends, Twitter was the most-searched Social Media platform this January. Across the U.S., more people searched for Twitter-related keywords than Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest

Social Media Trends 2013What does this mean?

This points to the idea that Twitter could be the most influential social media platform of the year.
Neilson recently announced that their TV rating system will incorporate Twitter’s social activity as a Social TV Rating metric for audience measurement and analytics.
Last week, American Express announced the first of its kind, Buy by Tweet program where users can sync their American Express card with their Twitter account and purchase products and offers on the social media platform.

What’s the main takeaway?

Get on Twitter! This trend applies to all businesses in all industries. Learn how to tweet effectively with optimized posts and engaging content. For more information on Twitter Best Practices and Twitter Media Management, check out this post.